Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 01 May 2023.


What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Since we are located overseas we normally ship by Fed Ex International or DHL. It takes roughly 5-6 days normally for the shipment to arrive at the destination country. 

How Do I Track My Order?

Once your order has shipped we will of course provide you a tracking number by email to the address you provided. 

Do you plan on making more servos in the future? 

Our current line can meet all the requirements for RC racing, and pure hobbyist. Whether you own a 1/10, 1/8, from rock crawlers to pure racing vehicles we should have you covered. We can easily develop servos for airplanes as well if we get request for these types of servos, and for other industries. So we can private label, and design servos for a variety of needs, not only what is currently available for sale. 

What payments do you accept? 

We have not yet found an API to use for both payments and shipping. The current API available is only for domestic cards, and will not accept cards outside our country. So for the mean time the easiest payment method for us to accept is PAYPAL. If you do not have a Paypal account then we can make arrangements to find another payment method that will be convenient for you. Also for shipping, it is best to quote shipping ourselves as the API is not always accurate. 

Have you tested any other brand that have met the specs that they advertise?

As far as TORQUE is concerned NO, not on our equipment. Our equipment in house as well as our factory are industry standard. Unless these companies are using some weird torque tester which is allowing these lower levels on our machine to be acceptable, then you can conclude our servos would even be more powerful on their equipment. The only one that has come close is the MKS servo we tested when it came to TORQUE. It was far more decent than many of the brands we have tested from various countries, however they are a bit noisy, and power hungry in our opinion. As far as speed is concerned some have tested at the advertised speed however CONSISTENCY has been an issue. If you compare our servos speed test results to the others we have tested you will see little speed fluctuations with our servos. A good analogy is we are running fast laps every time like a professional racer consistently, but our competition is running like an intermediate racer with a mix of fast laps, and slower laps. Who do you think will win at the end? Don't take our word for it, check out our test videos yourself, and you can make an educated decision based on the data. 

How do I place an order? 

Simply browse our site, and find the servo you are interested in purchasing, and adjust the quantity for the number of servos you would like to purchase. Then hit the REQUEST A QUOTE button. Once you have proceeded to include all the products you would like to purchase using the REQUEST A QUOTE button the next step is to click the REQUEST A QUOTE link in our Menu. It will let you review the items you would like to purchase, and there will be a simple form to fill out so you can provide us your contact details. That’s it, we will then double check the price, and cost of shipping then you can place your order.