Servo Test Videos

Below you will find various videos of different brands of servos including our own being tested on our test equipment. This will not only prove that our specs are true, but also that we exceed them. The servo business has become very much like the lipo business with many brands showing specs which are not only inflated, but deliver performance no where near the advertised specs! Rest assured we let the DATA do the talking so you can make an educated decision. Not based on popularity, or what a pro driver is running, but based on real data that is clear for everyone to understand! We always over deliver, and not trying to re-invent the wheel. Simply gain your trust, and prove to our clients we deliver performance worth your money.

NOTE: Our equipment we use in house, as well as our factory are industry standard. If for some reason these companies or persons have some magic machine that allows the results our test equipment produce to be acceptable, and meet the so called specs on the box on their end then we can easily conclude our servos would be even more powerful on their equipment! However some of these servos produce only half of said advertised torque specs for example, so you be the judge. We are just trying to be as transparent as possible on our end. In our opinion the reality is many people who are slapping their name on servos these days don't own the equipment to test what they are selling, and simply want something with their name on it to profit from. So the fact they do not even own the equipment to test servos themselves should tell you something. Quite a number of professional racers as well as hobby shops are producing parts under their own brand without doing due diligence on seeing weather said part is performing at the level it should. Their only concern is the color of the servos, the logo, and what the box looks like, and how much can they buy them for. Unfortunately that is the sad reality of the business which not only include servos. Would you continue to purchase servos from people or companies that do not even have the ability to prove what they are selling meets the advertised specs on the box?


Thanks for watching! We'll be testing many more various brands in the future so be sure to subscribe to our channel!