15KG Low Profile Programmable Servo

Product Model Number: 15LPBLM
Operating Voltage:: DC6-8.4V
Operating Speed: 6.0V@ 0.05sec /60° 7.4V@ 0.04sec /60° 8.4V@ 0.03sec /60°
Stall Torque: 6.0V@ 10kg-cm (139oz-in) 7.4V@ 14kg-cm (194oz-in) 8.4V@ 16kg-cm (222oz-in)
Operating Angle: 180°+5°
Working Frequency: 50-1000Hz
Motor Type: High Speed Brushless
Gear Type: Steel and Aluminum
Size: 40x20x29
Weight: 71G



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Our 15kg low profile was designed specifically for the tortures of nitro racing. Rather than the traditional 26mm housing we designed these with a 29mm housing. Why do you ask?? Because this allowed us to retain the same brushless motor as our standard servos without sacrificing any performance or longevity. Basically these are our standard size servos in a much more compact package!! These were developed to withstand the serious amount of heat from both the environment, and engine. The Philippines was the perfect location to test the longevity of our servos due to the high temperatures, and humid environment. Not only can our servos withstand the high temperatures, but provide consistent speed, and torque even when they get hot. Unlike many brands out there which torque production as well as speed start to drop rapidly as soon as they start to get even a bit warm. You will find our specs below. Please note that our programmable servos support multiple response modes such as Futaba SR mode, but requires our USB programming box to enable. If you do not want to purchase a reprogramming box, we can pre-program them for your desired response mode.

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